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SINCE 2012

Welcome to Paola Kay Gifts, a little shop wedged in the heart of the historic district of Fayetteville since March 2012. Pronounced Pay-o-la after the owner's great grandmother, whom she called Petie. 

 A little history on Paola Kay... in 1940 Petie's husband purchased a fifty foot, hand crafted mahogany cabin cruiser from a prominent Tulsa oil executive who summered on Chautauqua Lake. Originally built in 1915 on Lake Michigan, the boat was brought to Western New York and was greatly admired by Petie's husband. He lost no time when hearing the boat was for sale and purchased the vessel for $500. He named the boat Paola Kay after his beloved wife. Together they spent many summers enjoying Paola Kay with family and friends. There are many tales about the boat and its adventures over the years. Rumor has it that Paola Kay still sails on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.

Meet the Team

Wendy - Owner
Karen - Associate
Cheryl - Associate
Kim - Associate
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